Different Kinds of Music Patterns

I have recently looked for different kinds of ways to illustrate or track music. Besides ‘normal’ notation here are some other methods I have found.

Martin Shelter is an interaction designer based in Berlin Germany. He has created a method, as part of his bachelor thesis, to depict music. There are some screenshots of the video below. As a whole the video can be seen here.

Another example is Rainer Wehinger’s visual listening score of Romanian composer Ligeti’s Articulation, which can be seen hereI found this one very eye opening for Ligeti’s music. I think it illustrates brilliantly the different sounds and sensitive structures of the piece.

I also found a book about Paul Klee (Kagan, A. (1983) Paul Klee/ Art & Music. Cornell University Press). I recommend to have a look at it if you are interested his interpretation of painting music.

Below you may see my versions on creating musical pattern


Media: pigment ink on magazine page, A4


Media: Pigment ink on layered acrylic sheets, 20×18 cm






Kagan, A. (1983) Paul Klee/ Art & Music. Cornell University Press

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