Tracking Something Invisible

This is the second poster for my MA project proposal. With this illustration I describe that I would like to drill into music and sounds, that is I want to zoom in to sounds and learn to understand them better. As I mentioned earlier, I see music as three dimensional layers. Thinking of this, I aim to explore ways how I could bring sounds alive in visual form.

Technique: Watercolour on 300g paper, A1

24 / 02 / 15

Can you draw the line?


Exploring ways of illustrate timbres, vibrations and frequencies. That is something so subtle -Can you draw the line where the sound ends and the next begins?


The original painting. Media: Watercolor and pigment ink on 200g paper



A developed pattern from the painting. Would be nice to try how it works on fabric.


Media: Photoshop


04 / 04 / 15