Hannele is a Finnish artist living in London area with her husband and little baby girl. She has background in Fashion and Clothing, of which she obtained a bachelors’ degree in 2013. Hannele worked some time in Fashion industry as a product developer, but since she got more and more interested in visual studies she decided to continue to Master’s level, and in 2016 Hannele obtained master’s degree in Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Since then, She has kept on working by making commissioned pieces and deepen her artistic view. Her work explores transformation on physical, emotional and intellectual level. In particular, She is looking at the connection between these three aspects, that is, She gets inspiration from seeing how seasons change and how we perceive our life, listening to rhythms and tones and discovering weak signals.

One of her favourite project has been working on ways of illustrating (transforming) music. The area of study is close to her heart as music has been part of her life in many ways from childhood to these days. How she is seeing music, that is something layered and multidimensional, it evokes feelings and emotions and can resonate in your body. Among her other works you may find a collection of artworks based on the research on Music on the Portfolio page. Also, for further reading, please have a look at Blog where you may find an Essay on Music Illustration, and more stories behind her other artworks too.